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Chronic Insanity

Welcome to Chronic Insanity;s guild website. Chronic Insanity is a raiding guild on "Ravencrest Europe" that takes raiding and progress seriously while maintaining a mature friendly environment. Our mission is to have all heroics on Cataclysm cleared and to be amongst the first to clear Mists of Pandaria's content which is going to be our primary focus.

What are our guild's plans?

Chronic Insanity wishes to solidify it's roster with members that truly understand each other.
What should you expect?

- A guild with lot's of mature members (most of us are above 20).
- Disciplined raids.
- Helpful and friendly members.
- Fun guild activities (achievement runs for old content, battlegrounds, dungeons, and more..).
- Guild bank will provide you with all the help you need.
- Serious progressing attempts at uncleared encounters.
- Fully prepared raid members for raids (flasks, food, and more..).

What are our raiding times?

We start invites at 18:50 realm time and pull at 19:00. raid normally end at 23:00 if we are close to a kill we might extend it by an hour or add a friday/monday raid. normal raid days are: wednsday thursday and sunday

What's our current progression?

Mogu-shan Vaults 6/6 Normal 1/6 Heroic  

Heart of Fear: 2/6 Normal  0/6 Heroic
What are we looking for?

Were always on the lookout for exceptional players that have total control of their class and good knowledge of how boss mechanics work; people that are always ready to take on the challenge and are well prepared for boss encounters. Nevertheless, even though gear is quite important to progress faster we are more concerned about how mature and modest our members are, and most definitely are very confident about their playing styles, are disciplined during raids, are able to learn faster than most others, and can work boss fights with ease using few learning attempts. If you think you are what we are looking for then please "Apply here". 

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Mists of Pandaria bosses going down

Blackstraide, Oct 3, 12 11:22 PM.

Why would you ever be the boss before this faceroll boss Elegon? Grats guys, and well done. Heroics next! :)

Elegon Down!


Feng Down!

Stone Guards Down

The boss was harder then expected but after a few wipes on 80% we figured it out. So if it wasent for a fatal mistake at 3% it would have taken us 4 atempts. But after 5 wipes the stone cold kittys had to bite the dust. 

Chronic Insanity got a new mail adress and our own Youtube channel

Blackstraide, Sep 10, 12 6:11 PM.
our new E-mail adress 
Do not use this for application. But questions can be sent here

How to join our Ventrilo

DoffeN, Sep 8, 12 9:07 AM.
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